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5 Essential Soft Skills Needed in Nursing

The Nursing industry as we know is multifaceted. As we explained in a previous post, there are different types of nurses that exist; such RNs to LPNs. Nurses also work in a variety of settings from hospitals, nursing homes, and home care. They also practice across different specialties such as emergency and labor and delivery to name a few. Despite the differences, there are skills that every nurse must have in order to be successful at what they do. We have compiled a list of soft skills that are needed in nursing.

What are Soft Skills?

According to, soft skills (also known as people skills) are personal traits and abilities that help you work well with others. Here are some important soft skills that nurses should possess:

1. Communication

Verbal and written communication is highly important in nursing. Nurses not only have the task of communicating often difficult information with patients and their families, they are also responsible for reporting pertinent information to colleagues as well.

2. Empathy

A nurse who displays empathy can make all the difference to a patient or patient family that may be experiencing a health crisis. Showing empathy allows a patient to feel comfortable and helps to build their trust.

3. Attention to Detail

Nurses must have a keen attention to detail as any slight mistake can result in a matter in life or death. For example, this can relate to administering accurate medication dosages to checking a patient wrist band to ensure they are speaking to the correct patient.

4. Critical Thinking

The healthcare industry is a fast-paced environment with things constantly changing. Nurses must be able assess and adapt quickly to these changes and make decisions under a great deal of stress.

5. Professionalism

Professional conduct is an essential quality to have in any industry, especially in nursing. How you conduct yourself is not only a reflection of yourself, but a reflection of the organization as a whole.

What are some essential soft skills that you possess as a caregiver? Leave a comment! If you are a nurse looking for a position, contact us today!

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