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Pennsylvania to Allow Out-of- State Nurses to Practice in State

According to a report by the Hospital and Health System Association of Pennsylvania (HAP), more than 20,000 registered nurse positions remain vacant in the state of Pennsylvania. These numbers may soon decrease, however, due to the state’s participation in the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). For the first time ever, RNs and LPNs carrying multi-state licenses from 40 states will be able to practice in Pennsylvania as of September 5th.

HAP President and CEO Nicole Stallings stated the following in reference to this news:

“This new pathway for nurses to work in Pennsylvania supports our broader effort to grow our health care workforce, helping hospitals to meet a growing need for care throughout the Commonwealth. Pennsylvania’s hospital community is focused on a comprehensive strategy that will grow and support our dedicated health care teams, expand the training and education pipeline, and strengthen care in our communities.”

Nurses who applied under Pennsylvania’s previous licensure system would be required to wait several months to a year before they were able work. The NLC will help nurses bypass the time-consuming process.

New York is currently the nearest state to Pennsylvania that is currently not a part of the NLC. The nursing vacancies in Pennsylvania are expected to increase to 26,000 by 2026 if there was no effective solution.

Do you think this will be effective in closing the nursing shortage in Pennsylvania? If you are a nurse, contact us today to see what opportunities we have available!


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