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New Bill Proposes Four-Day Work Week in Pennsylvania

If you’ve ever felt that the weekend goes by entirely too fast then you may love this story. Pennsylvania legislature is in the works to introduce a bill proposing a four day work week. The bill would require businesses with 500 employers or greater to reduce their work week from 40 hours a week to 32 hours, however the pay would remain the same.

Democratic Rep. G. Roni Green had the following to say in regards to the proposed bill:

“A four-day workweek would provide hardworking individuals with more time for rest, family obligations, and focus on both physical and mental health,” Green continued, "Rested, happy and healthy workers in turn can better focus on work and accomplish more in a workday.

So far, the four day work week has been tested out by 41 companies in the United States and Canada. Employees have reported a decrease in stress and burnout as a result of the modified schedule after 6 months. They also did not plan to return to the traditional five-day work week.

The forty hour work week was introduced in 1938 and Green argues that it no longer matched societal needs.

Do you think the work week should be reduced to four days a week? Leave a comment!


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