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Patient Recognition Week

Patient Recognition Week is celebrated annually during the first week in February. Created in 1995 by health care worker John O’Malley, the goal is reaffirm commitment to providing superior care to patients and to improve upon patient satisfaction.

Here are a few ways to acknowledge Patient Recognition Week:

1.      Spend Extra Time with Your Patients

The healthcare system as we know is severely overwhelmed. As a result, patients can feel that they are just another number. Spending a few extra minutes, however, can make all the difference in making your patient feel that they are important.


2.      Listen to their concerns


No matter how big or seemingly small, patients want to know that their concerns are being understood and addressed. Some complaints could include noisy nurse’s stations, losing personal belongings, poor communications between patients and their families, and the list goes on.


3.      Give Them a Gift


There’s always one patient that stands out. Perhaps it’s the conversations that you have or their pleasant demeanor. Giving them a gift like a stuffed animal or card is sure to put a smile on their face.


While Patient Recognition Week is from February 1-7th, there’s always an opportunity to show appreciation to your patients throughout the year. What are some other ways you can show appreciation to your patients? Leave a comment!

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