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  • Z. Garnett

Chemical Spill in Delaware River Causes Concerns for Philly Residents

Sunday afternoon, Philadelphia’s nearly 1.5 million residents received a public safety alert to their phones, advising them not to drink the tap water due to a chemical spill. This caused panic throughout the city and surrounding areas as residents rushed to local stores like Wal-Mart and BJ’s to stock up on cases of water. Many were left frustrated as shelves were made bare within moments of receiving the notification.

Shortly after, the advisory was retracted and residents were informed that the water supply would remain safe until Tuesday at 3:30 pm. According to news sources, thousands of gallons of a ‘water-based latex solution’, spilled into Otter Creek in Bucks County on Friday, and eventually into the Delaware River. The Philadelphia Water Department has since conducted numerous tests which have come back negative.

Experts have stated that due to dilution of the chemical as it entered the river, it poses little threat if consumed or comes in contact with skin. They also note that boiling water is only effective with bacteria and not with chemicals. As a precaution, the city of Philadelphia has advised residents to store at least three days worth of water, as per FEMA guidelines.

In light of this news, how have you prepared? Leave a comment!



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