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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies have been around for quite some time, nearly 80 years to be exact. When young American, men were drafted into the war, it left a huge gap in the workforce. Positions desperately needed to be filled and as a result, the staffing agency was born. According to the American Staffing Association, staffing agencies have provided career opportunities to nearly 16 million employees, each year (pre-pandemic).

If you are considering hiring a staffing agency, here are 4 reasons why you should:

1. It Saves Time

As we know, the hiring process can be very time consuming. In addition to reviewing resumes, scheduling, and interviewing candidates, hiring managers are still tasked with performing their daily job functions. Staffing agencies can handle those on-boarding and recruitment tasks, saving employers time and resources so that they can focus on their workload.

2. Specialized Industries

Many staffing agencies focus on a specialized industry such as healthcare or technology, for example. This is extremely beneficial when searching for a candidate with a specific skill set. Staffing agencies often have access to a range of candidates that are knowledgeable within a particular niche.

3. Short-term staffing solutions available

Staffing agencies are a great option when seeking to fill a temporary position, such as during a leave of absence. Pulling an employee away from their role to fulfill another position is not always ideal. Staffing agencies, however, are able to fill in the gap on a moment’s notice.

4. Allows you to vet an employee before committing long term

Hiring staff on a temporary basis allows an employer a chance to ensure that the role is beneficial for both parties, before making a long-term decision. You have the chance to evaluate the candidate’s progress and how well they adapt to the work environment before making a decision.


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Light & Hope  LLC
Light & Hope LLC
Nov 10, 2022

Leave in the comments and tell us if would you ever work with a staffing agency. or if you have what were your thoughts on a staffing agency?

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