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  • Z. Garnett

Why More Men Are needed in Healthcare

When you think of nursing as a whole, it is easy to see it as a female-oriented profession. Traditionally, women enter into nursing and various care giving roles more due to their innate nature to care for others. Statistics show that nearly 87% of all nurses are female. In addition, research states that 76% of all healthcare professions are held by women. Increasing the number of nursing positions held by men can have a great impact on the healthcare industry. Here is why more men are needed in healthcare:

1. Help with labor shortages

According to the American Hospital Alliance, nearly 100,000 registered nurses left the workforce within the last two years citing stress, burnout, and retirement as contributing factors. Furthermore, another 600,000 registered nurses intend to leave the profession by 2027, based on a study conducted by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. Recruiting more men into nursing will significantly reduce the current shortages that we are experiencing.

2. Build Trust with Patients

Studies have shown that patients are more satisfied when their healthcare provider shares the same race and ethnicity as them. The same can be said of gender. Some male patients may be more comfortable speaking and may find it easier to share information with male personnel.

3. Reduce the Stigma

As stated, nursing roles tend to be female-led. Recruiting more males in this industry would help increase diversity and break down the stigma that men can hold such positions. Increasing more male visibility in these roles will help other men see it as a viable option.

Would you like to see more men in nursing and in the healthcare industry as a whole? What are some tips to recruiting men?


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